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Faith:REFINED: Music

Psalms 94:12

(Performed by Jennifer Barber & Pamela Bieri)
July 1, 2005
Music by Debbie L. Rice, Lyrics by Raymond Wells
CCM/Electronica-Dance, Instrumental
Psalms 94:12
Lyrics by: Raymond Wells
Music by: Debbie Rice (BMI) © 2005

(Verse 1)
Blessed is the man you train, oh God;
The woman you instruct is blessed,
Providing them a circle of peace, oh Lord
Protected by your righteousness.

(Verse 2)
Surrounded by your power
Enveloped by your grace.
Draw me closer, closer, closer, Lord,
That I may find such a place!

Teach me your ways, oh God
Lead me down the path you choose
Make me desperate for the water, Lord
That can only be found in you.