1. Jesus Is Real

From the recording Jesus Is Real


©Tommy Meador, 2006

Well, I’m here to tell ya that Jesus is real
The world will try to tell ya, “He’s no big deal”
But when the skies start to open and the
mountains shake,
Don’t be runnin’ for cover ‘cause its much too late

Now if you’re havin’ problems with validity
Try to remember how He calmed the sea
How He brought back La-zur-us from the dead
Don’t you know that one left them
scratching their heads

This ole’ earth can be a mighty fine place
If we live each day with His savin’ Grace
Nothing is hopeless or out of our reach
“Livin’ Large” is not a figure of speech
Life is not surreal……………Jesus is real, that’s
right, My Jesus is real !!

There was a man in the bible his name was Saul
Didn’t like us Christians much at all
Saul spent his time trying to put us in jail
Little did he know the Lord would prevail

Now Saul was strolling down Damascus lane
when he heard Gods voice he was never the same
God said no longer will you persecute Me,
You will tell the world about the Trinity

Repeat Chorus

Ad lib