From the recording I Want to Know You Lord


This song describes the hearts yearning to know God. We want to be in a deeper relationship with Jesus, and we want Him to know how much we value that relationship. He responds by telling us that He knows how we feel, that in fact, He has always known, and will never leave us.


I Want To Know You Lord
©Debbie L. Rice (BMI), 2005


I want to know you Lord,
I want to show you Lord,
How I need You.

I want to see Your face,
I want to feel Your Grace,
How I love You!

I need to feel your touch,
I need to know how much
More You love me.

I need to know You’re there,
Not going anywhere,
Please surround me now!


My child, I love you
I’m always there.
My peace I’ll give you,
Your burdens I’ll share.

I’ll never leave you,
I died to set you free.
You are my chosen,
Put your faith in me. (repeat verse)