1. Pride

From the recording Pride


©Debbie L. Rice, 2005 (BMI)

I Praise Him as my Savior
The Lion and the Lamb.
But when blessings flow from Heaven,
Do I credit my own hand?

Do I swell with satisfaction
At the things that I have done?
Forgetting how He heard my prayers
And answered every one!

Do I have the Pride of the Lion?
Is my Father proud of me?
Or is the lying of my pride
Not giving the glory where it should be?

Is my Faith in my own ability?
Is my strength in my own two hands,
Am I the Pride of the Lion,
Or the shame of the Lamb?

Lord, You alone are worthy,
Forgive me of my pride.
Without You I am nothing,
With nowhere left to hide.

I give Glory to the Lion,
And praises to the Lamb.
You saved my life, You set me free
And made me who I am!




Am I the Pride of the Lion?
Or the shame of the Lamb……..